TCPA Reports

TCPA reports are generally written to promulgate ideas, and represent the collective view of the committee at the time.

A Decentralisation Strategy for Australia

One of our members, Ross Lowrey, has been collaborating with Garry Glazebrook to develop a decentralisation strategy for Australia.  Garry is a retired transport and urban planner from NSW who formed Fastrack Australia to raise awareness of the potential for higher speed rail in South-East Australia.

Together they have produced a report that presents the case for the decentralisation of Australia and the importance of faster rail connections to support the growth of regional cities.  They advocate a national settlement plan based on the rollout of faster rail connections to regional cities, along with a range of other government incentives and actions needed to promote regional growth.

In addition, both Ross and Garry were invited to present their ideas to an online webinar conducted by the ACT Division of the Planning Institute of Australia on 24th March 2022.

A Decentralisation Strategy for Australia

International Experience Presentation

Staging Fast rail Presentation

Rail as a Catalyst for Regional Growth

The Rail Futures Institute Inc. (RFI) and the Town and Country Planning Association Inc. (TCPA) have pleasure in jointly releasing a Discussion Paper, Rail as a Catalyst for Regional Growth, which explores the opportunity post pandemic for Victoria’s regional cities to accommodate a much larger proportion of the State’s future population growth.

The Discussion Paper aims to provide Victoria’s Urban and Transport Planners with a clearer understanding of the role of the rail network and services in shaping Victoria’s future regional economy; and the role of regional cities in shaping the use and development of railway services and infrastructure.  It identifies eight key topics to stimulate further discussion and to feed into a more detailed Regional Rail Strategy to be released later in 2022.  

Rail as a Catalyst for Regional Growth – Full Report   Summary Report

High Speed Rail for Regional Growth

Ross Lowrey has done extensive research to determine whether high speed rail has any impact on regional growth and economic development.  His report provides a comprehensive review of his findings and summaries of key references.  These were originally published by Fastrack Australia, an advocacy website to promote the development of high-speed rail in South-East Australia.

High Speed Rail for Regional Growth – Full Report

The key lessons are presented as a series of six Briefing Notes.

Regionalisation will drive higher economic growth

Fast connectivity is essential for higher economic growth

Build a national passenger rail network in stages

The Australian Government must lead and fund rail infrastructure

Regional cities must manage their own development

The rail industry must step up to compete globally

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