Robert T. Murphy, known as Bob, a long-standing member of the TCPA, passed away in early January 2015 of cancer, aged 68.

Bob Murphy was a native of San Francisco. He served in the US Army in one of its Ranger battalions. During the NATO-Soviet cold war, he served in Ranger missions on the Warsaw Pact front. He was also employed by the San Francisco Muni (public transportation authority) in the 1970s, where one of his roles was driving that city’s PCC streetcars – thence his keen interest in public transport.

Bob moved to Melbourne, where he initially worked as a tram driver. During the early 1980s he created the Bus and Tram Travellers’ Association, which was absorbed by the Train Travellers’ Association in 1984 to become the Public Transport Users’ Association. Bob served on the Council of the Train Travellers’ Association during 1983-84.

Bob later worked as a trucker and editor of a magazine for heavy equipment. He worked as a freelance editor writer and analyst (IS Edit) in the road freight industry, with publications including ATN, and in road transport industry conferencing.

Bob maintained his interest in public transport and sustainable urban communities, joining the TCPA in 1993.

Bob is survived by his wife Mary and family.