The Town and Country Planning Association

Established in Victoria in 1914, the Town and Country Planning Association is a politically independent not-for-profit association incorporated in Victoria. TCPA advocates integrated planning of land use and transport for ecological sustainability and a healthy living environment.

 Our activities include:

  • writing submissions to government on urban planning matters
  • alerting members to events such as public forums and lectures related to urban planning
  • alerting members to news items related to urban planning
  • writing commentary and opinion articles
  • writing policies such as the Charter for Planning
  • engagement hub


Latest News

Plan Melbourne 2050 Submission

TCPA has made a submission to Melbourne's Future Planning Framework: Draft Land Use Framework Plans (2021). Our thanks to Marianne Richards, who put it all together in a very short time. Our submission can be found at Publications > TCPA submissions > Land Use.

TCPA Supports Government Climate Action

On the 14th April 2021, the TCPA committee passed the following motion without dissent. The Town and Country Planning Association supports all levels of Australian governments to undertake explicit steps to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Opinion and Commentary

Jane Jacobs: Citizen Jane Reviewed

TCPA Committee member Marianne Richards wrote a review of the documentary film Citizen Jane: Battle for the City for the August 2017 edition of Planning News, the journal of the Planning Institute of Australia. Jane Jacobs, a journalist, author and activist, is...

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